The date of your membership subscription is the date that you consummate a purchase (e.g., the day of your checkout and first order or the day that you modify your subscription package) as a subscribing member. Membership subscriptions are for a pre-paid 30, 60 or 90-day subscription term (“Initial Subscription Term”). After your Initial Subscription Term, and again after each subsequent subscription term of the same duration, your membership subscription will automatically continue for additional equivalent periods at the same price (excluding any applicable taxes or fees) (each, a “Renewal Term”). IF YOU FAIL TO CANCEL AT LEAST TWO (2) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO THE END OF THE INITIAL SUBSCRIPTION TERM OR ANY RENEWAL TERM (BEFORE MIDNIGHT, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME), YOUR MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EXTENDED FOR SUCCESSIVE RENEWAL PERIODS OF THE SAME DURATION AS THE SUBSCRIPTION TERM ORIGINALLY SELECTED (E.G., UNLESS YOU TIMELY CANCEL, A 60 DAY SUBSCRIPTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW EVERY 60 DAYS). You expressly authorize Fashion Stork to charge your payment method and automatically renew your membership subscription in the selected amount (E.G., $75.00/30-day subscription plan; $77.00/60- day subscription plan; or $80.00/90-day subscription plan (includes standard S&H)), plus all related taxes or fees, at the beginning of your Initial Subscription Term, and again in the same amount(s) on a recurring basis at the start of each subsequent Renewal Term, unless you cancel your membership subscription as set forth herein, or if Fashion Stork no longer offers the membership subscription service. Charges will appear as “ 858-237-8675.” You may cancel your membership subscription and avoid recurring charges by contacting us via our Contact page, via email at, via telephone (toll free) at (585) 237-8675 (9 AM – 4 PM PT M-F) or by writing to us at Fashion Stork, Inc., 2470 Ash Street, #3, Vista, CA 92081 (effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with postage prepaid). You may also cancel your membership subscription and obtain a full refund at any time before midnight, Pacific Standard Time of the third business day following the date of your membership subscription or commencement of any Renewal Term by contacting us as set forth above. Please see our Terms and Conditions Agreement for further information regarding subscription, automatic renewal, refunds and our cancellation policy. Email us at to request a copy of this Membership Subscription Automatic Renewal Policy.