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Workout routines every man can do in his office while wearing a button up.

Wondering how you can exercise at the office while wearing a button up? The immediate thought – Are you kidding me?

No, certainly not! It’s possible and very much practical.

Staring at those laptop screens day in and out without much physical activity only helps you resemble like an egg, a boiled egg at 50 degrees just about to explode with never ending workload. BOOOOM!

Working for so long sitting at your cozy couch will not only give you a bouncy belly but an increased risk of cancer by 15 -20 percent. Oh, you knew that but still helpless and hapless?

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all these unhealthy habits. This new year make a resolution to become healthier. Let it not be just a happy and prosperous new year. It has to be a happy, prosperous and healthy new year.

Workout these simple exercises at your desk- burn while you earn.

Desk pushups: This exercise will give you a feeling of being at your fitness class.Not only will it give you muscular arms and a healthy body, but also a few admirers whom you would unknowingly inspire to join the fitness wagon.

Stand up straight keeping your hands at your desk, move your feet 45 degrees back from your body. Push your body to and fro. Do this a dozen times and the woman next to you will surely fall for you. GIGS!


Twist and turn: Tired of that slumping posture? Your back must be aching by now and you must do some rock and roll and twist and turns. Repeat this whenever you get up to grab some food or water.

Hold your back with your palm and push the upper half of the body to your right and keep your lower part constant. Now turn it to the left and do atleast ten moves before settling back at the desk.

Stretching: Gotcha use washroom?Ya sure why not! But a small exercise behind the door won’t be caught.

Stretch your hands up, stand high on your heels and hold on for 5 secs. Bring your hands down without bending and touch your heels. Do this five times, and you will definitely feel refreshed.


Hook the book: Grab the heaviest book you have near you, pull it towards you (you so want to replace it with that gorgeous intern, I know), hold it straight stretching your hands over your head and bend towards your back taking the hand along.

Stay there for 2 secs. Now, come back bringing along your hand over your head. Follow it 5 times,and you will have good triceps.

Chair fair: Ever thought of doing exercise with those cozy chairs? Never right?

Move 5” away from the chair. Now, stretch your hands in front of you, lower your back as if you are going to sit on the chair. As soon as you feel your butt touching the chair, raise yourself straight up.

Doing this ten times will give a proper shape to your back.


Tip toe: Always try to climb the stairs rather than using elevator.

So many benefits even after being at office that too wearing a button up.

Happy exercising guys!Only gain without pain. What more do you want?

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