The 10 Best and 10 Worst Dating Apps and Sites

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The 21st Century is amazing. The love of your life– okay, let’s be more realistic here– or a perfectly compatible, fun person could be out there and you can meet them in just a few clicks, swipes or otherwise. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also some interesting demographics that might not be up your alley, but hey they’re hilarious anyway. Check out what we found for you.


This list comes from Tom’s Guide, a technology blog that prides itself on unbiased reviews, tutorials and many other aspects of those that lead a tech-savvy lifestyle. Here is what they recommend in terms of productive dating sites. Be sure to check out the list at Tom’s Guide for their breakdown on the success of these apps.

1.) OkCupid (Android, iOS)

2.) Tinder (Android, iOS)

3.) Hinge (Android, iOS)

4.) Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS)

5.) Hitch (Android, iOS)

6.) Grindr (Android, iOS)

7.) (Android, iOS)

8.) PlentyOfFish (Android, iOS)

9.) HowAboutWe (Android, iOS)

10.) Down (Android, iOS)


This list escalated quickly. Whether you can relate to them or not, you have to admit some of these are a little creepy.

1.) Clown Dating

N O P E.

2.) DiaperMates

Because just when your faith in humanity was restored, you remembered that some people like to dress up like babies.

3.) Mullet Passions

Some people live for the glory days.

4.) STDmatch

Unless it’s Go-Fish, you really shouldn’t be finding pairs in this.

5.) DateMyPet

It’s a dating site for pet lovers, but you have to admit the name could be better.

6.) HerpesFish


7.) Marry Me Already

Skipping the entire step of dating and launching right into it. This can only go well.

8.) Furry Mate

It’s exactly what you think it is. 🙁

9.) Ninja Passions

In theory it sounds cool, until you realize there is no way there are cool ninjas on this site.

10.) The Atlasphere

In case you both wanted to talk about Ayn Rand…I guess…

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