Memes to Up Your Super Bowl Trash Talk Game

Your friends have their team picked and they will not shut up about Peyton going out on top or Cam getting his first ring.

Whatever side you fall on, here are some memes to throw back at your buddies when they start talking trash.

For ragging on the Panthers:


Why would anyone be a Panthers fan? Not even Cam Newton likes Carolina.



One of these teams has a rich history and a future Hall of Fame quarterback. The other is the Carolina Panthers.

When Denver wins speak louder than Carolina smack talk.


For dissing the Broncos:

The good news is that when the Broncos lose again their fans can get shirts on the cheap.

You know Manning’s being put out to pasture when the Rams are looking to draft him.

The Broncos are supposed to have an offense?
For bringing those people down a peg who are too good to watch the game:

There’s always the guy who interrupts to say basketball is better.

When they try to fake knowing what’s going on.

“Real football is soccer.”


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