15 Gentleman’s Rules In Dressing

Dressing well is more than just making sure your clothes match. One of the biggest caveats to dressing like a good looking gentleman is to remember that your clothes must fit to your body. Too tight and you look sadly squished in your clothing, and no doubt it’s uncomfortable for the wearer as well. Too baggy tends to make the wearer look larger than he is, but not in a good way.

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So follow these 15 basic style tips and keep them in mind when you start to dress yourself for the day, and you’ll be on your way to impress friends and coworkers.

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– Transcript  –

1. No matching. You want to coordinate, so never wear a tie that comes together with a pocket square together.
2. Two buttons-suit. Always in style.
3. Bow ties are social boosters. Believe me, it will impact guys and girls in a positive way.
4. Big baggy pants, will make you look short.
5. Big bulky shoes make you look like a dope.
6. Gentleman rule: Dress shoes and belt should match, color as well as finish.
7. Avoid big bold logos on shirts.
8. When suit shopping, try a smaller size. Example: if you’re a 44, try the 42, that is going to give you a better silhouette. Give it a shot!
9. Rings: only 1 per hand.
10. Don’t wear a dress shirt untucked… It’s always too long.
11. Fitted doesn’t mean tight.
12. Never try to match a sports coat with black pants.. it doesn’t work.
13. Funny ties are just not funny
14. Polish/clean your shoes every day.
15. Do not ever iron a jacket. Jackets should always be steamed and pressed professionally.


iamalpham.com – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_oVJP3dteM

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